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Our Approach

Our philosophy is to ensure that we can provide training services to any sized company or individuals and make sure that they all feel as important as each other. We aim to give the highest quality training in a relaxed and happy environment ensuring that everyone is gaining from the training. Communication is the key for any customer, we always aim to respond to any enquiries within 24 hours.

As a training provider we use several learning techniques to ensure that all learners gain what they require from any course that we provide.

Our Story

Shield Safety Training established themselves in 2013, since then we have grown to be a trusted provider of workplace safety training for any business. Since our beginnings we have developed other services for our customers such as provision of equipment, workplace testing and maintenance and Health & Safety consultancy.

We are committed to continue our development and high standards that we pride ourselves on.

edFirst.co.uk - Listed School Supplier

We think that everyone has a right to be safe in any workplace, including those that study. We have partnered with edFirst to ensure that academies around the UK have readily available support for all Health and Safety needs. So if your in need of some training, or need some equipment maintenance, then please, get in touch.

Meet the Team

Jamie Goddard

First Aid  | Fire Safety | Health & Safety Trainer and Advisor

Jamie is one of our founding members and has a number of years experience within the Emergency Services. Jamie is a qualified Health & Safety Advisor with both IOSH and NEBOSH qualifications.

Jamie is a father of three children and actively takes part in Rugby and Football coaching. He also holds training roles within the FA (Football Association) and RFU (England Rugby Football Union).

Jamie likes to ensure he engages with any group that he teaches ensuring that all learning styles are used so everyone can relate to the training being delivered.

Nicky Anderson

First Aid Trainer | Event Medical Cover

Nicky is a current serving Paramedic with several years experience. Nicky also teaches our various First Aid Courses that are offered at set venues or within companies workplaces. Nicky brings a wealth of medical knowledge to the company and her open and friendly attitude makes any learner feel relaxed.

Outside of work Nicky has to great children, Nicky actively encourages sports with rugby as a passion for her children and Nicky herself.

If you would like to take advantage of Nicky's experience and knowledge contact us today.

Jon Walker

Fire Safety Trainer

Jon is one of our Fire Safety instructors, his many years of experience with the Fire & Rescue Service allows him to put up to date accurate information with personal experiences to bring any training session to life.

Outside of work and training Jon loves to spend time with his twin son's and travel down to the West Country whenever he can. Spending time on the beach and tinkering with his van is a must for Jon.

Any session that Jon takes he ensures that all learners are proactive and take advantage of the equipment that we have to use live fire extinguishers.

Online Courses

In addition to practical training, we also offer a range of online courses. So if you're looking to learn something new, or if you just need a refresher, check out the courses we have available.

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