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Health and Safety Matters!

Health and Safety Matters!

Health and Safety Matters! Health and Safety Matters! Health and Safety Matters!

Shield Safety is an established company available to provide your business 

with Health and Safety services.

What We Offer

Health & Safety Consultation


Health and Safety Consultancy to help your company meet all of its legal requirements. We can provide a range of services from Risk Assessments to Policies and Procedures.

Workplace Training


We offer a range of courses to allow your company to meet the legal requirements. These courses range from First Aid to Fire Safety, with a team of experienced and qualified staff our courses meet the highest of standards.

Equipment and Maintenance


Provision and supply of essential workplace equipment is a must, we can offer a range of workplace and personal safety equipment.

Along with this we can also provide maintenance services for Workplace Fire Safety Equipment ranging from Fire Extinguishers through to Fire Alarm systems.

What we can do for you


Here at Shield Safety Training & Consultancy we aim to take the confusion out of Health and Safety for you and your business.

The range of services we can offer range from consultancy, training, safety equipment and maintenance. Shield Safety aims to be a provider for all of your Health & Safety needs. 

Why not have a look at our upcoming events?

Take a look at the training we can offer you and your workplace.

If you'd like to make an enquiry, please contact us.

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