Health & Safety Consultation

Health and Safety Consultancy to help your company meet all of its legal requirements. We can provide a range of services from Risk assessments to Policies and Proceedures.

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Workplace Training

We offer a range of courses to allow your company to meet the legal requirements. These courses range from First Aid to Fire Safety, with a team of experienced and qualified staff our courses meet the highest of standards.

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Equipment and Maintenance

Provision and supply of essential workplace equipment is a must, we can offer a range of workplace and personal safety equipment.

Along with this we can also provide maintenance services for Workplace Fire Safety Equipment ranging from Fire Extinguishers through to Fire Alarm systems.

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What We Can Offer You!


Here at Shield Safety Training & Consultancy we aim to take the confusion out of Health & Safety for you and your business.

The range of services we can offer range from Consultancy, Training, Equipment and Maintenance. Shield Safety aims to be a provider for all of your Health & Safety needs.

Please take a look at our services and contact us for further information.



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